Cory Burwell, the man behind adventure motorcycling site Wandering Beast, understands the value of using a durable, waterproof phone while riding a motorcycle in the wilderness and across the country. A couple years ago, Cory lost his ruggedized Kyocera Torque smartphone from Sprint while riding in central Oregon, and wasn’t sure if he would ever see it again. Despite putting up signs in an attempt to retrieve his lost device, his Torque sat outside for a year and a half – through a winter, two summers and all sorts of weather conditions – before being found. When a passerby eventually found it on the ground, the phone rescuer was able to plug it in, turn it on, and, amazingly, the phone still worked without a hitch. Cody’s brother-in-law—who received a text from the person who found the phone—alerted him that it had been retrieved and was still working flawlessly.

Kyocera recently found a video that Cory created and posted about his experience with the rugged Kyocera Torque. (This was not a sponsorship or advertisement.)  In it he says, “Hands down, I would not hesitate to get one of these at all… If you’re into adventure motorcycles and you need a new phone, and you don’t really need to be the coolest guy in the office that has the iPhone 7-and-a-half, and you just want a good, sturdy phone that works and that has all of the same features and runs Android and everything else, look into the Kyocera Torque or one of their other ones… I wouldn’t consider any other phone for my adventures.”

Kyocera cannot recommend or warranty against these types of situations with our devices – they are not meant to take abuse to the extent that Cory’s phone did – but this is just another real-life success story we have found that embodies the rugged, durable value of our mobile devices.

Watch Cory’s video describing his incredible story here:

Kyocera Teams Up with Arians Family Foundation for Charity Event at 2017 Phoenix Open



*Photo taken from 2015 Phoenix Open Charity Event

All of us at Kyocera share a passion for creating the best rugged mobile devices available on the market today. But our passion doesn’t stop there. Kyocera was founded in 1959 by Dr. Kazuo Inamori, whose guiding philosophy is “Do the right thing as human beings.” Equally important to being the global leader in rugged mobile solutions, the team at Kyocera makes giving back a top priority as well.

While the world of professional sports gears up for Superbowl weekend, it’s also time for the PGA’s annual Waste Management Phoenix Open. Known as “The Greatest Show on Grass,” the Phoenix Open has a reputation as one of the tour’s most energetic events. It’s also an event that’s run by the Phoenix Thunderbirds, one of Phoenix’s leading philanthropic organizations for the past 80 years. Kyocera has been a proud sponsor of the tournament and, more recently, has expanded our involvement to support the Arians Family Foundation (AFF).

Bruce Arians, head coach of the NFL Arizona Cardinals, founded the AFF with his wife Christine in 2013, with the mission to support and develop programs that prevent and improve situations of child abuse and neglect. The organization specifically advocates for children involved in the court system, supporting CASAs (Court Appointed Special Advocates) to ensure abused or neglected children receive the love and support they need—a cause close to all of us at Kyocera.

Kyocera is an active supporter of the AFF throughout the year. For the third consecutive year at the Phoenix Open, Kyocera will host a reception for the AFF at the course’s famous 16th hole. The reception is not only for members of the Foundation and its supporters, but a fun day out on the golf course also serves as a reward for a group of the most outstanding kids to benefit from the AFF’s work with CASAs.

With no fear of water hazards or the elements, Kyocera’s rugged devices are perfect for golfers and outdoor enthusiasts. Our presence at the Phoenix Open, however, goes much deeper than that. We’re proud to continue our involvement with the Phoenix Thunderbirds and support of the Arians Family Foundation. If you’d like to help this amazing program and help be a voice for children in need, visit

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