Kyocera and Corrigo Convene at 2016 PRSM to Help Ensure Facilities Managers are Connected, Productive and Profitable


Question: What do Kyocera—a worldwide leader in rugged mobile solutions—and Corrigo—an innovative technology company that delivers software as a service (SaaS) and mobile solutions—have in a common? The answer may surprise you. Both companies view facilities managers as a critical part of their business operations, and are creating and marketing technology products that fit the very unique needs of those in this important industry. Kyocera’s rugged phones have always been a good choice for rugged industries like facilities management in retail, property management and hospitality, among others, and are areas where Corrigo has a strong presence. As such, our collaboration with Corrigo creates special value and opportunity for our customers.

Corrigo differentiates themselves with a platform that supports every link in the work order value chain—its customers range from Fortune 50 companies to mom-and-pops—proudly working with customers from very large to very small. While other software platforms are all about the schedule, or the purchase order, or the accounting, Corrigo manages everything that touches the work. If work orders are at the center of your world, you’ll find in Corrigo a platform that fits how you work.

Corrigo delivers value for its users by supporting improved service delivery and better P&L impacts through every facilities management decision. Furthermore, Corrigo delivers rock-solid reliability and security, comparable to cloud companies like Amazon.

To provide a bit more context, the Corrigo technology platform powers the management of facilities in multi-site environments. Founded in 1999, the company was one of the first five SaaS startups in Silicon Valley. Corrigo’s powerful and flexible solutions are successfully deployed in numerous industries including restaurant, retail, property management, hospitality, healthcare, homebuilding, manufacturing, distribution and all kinds of service businesses.

Kyocera and Corrigo joined forces in March 2015, shortly after Kyocera participated in a Corrigo User Conference. Corrigo was in the market to find a device partner and Kyocera, given its rugged DNA and collaboration with field workers, agreed it made perfect sense to collaborate with Corrigo and be one of its sponsors for its event. It’s been a match made in facilities-management heaven. The two companies have worked together on joint initiatives – including a rebate program for Kyocera devices and Intuit® Field Service Management software powered by Corrigo – collaborating to improve the lives of facility workers in the field. Kyocera has also provided its DuraForce and Brigadier devices to Corrigo to conduct solution demonstrations at industry events and customer presentations.

The DuraForce and Brigadier lines of Kyocera rugged devices, excluding flip phones, are tested and certified for all Corrigo mobile apps.

Next up for both companies is the 2016 PRSM National Conference—the largest, most widely recognized retail facilities-management event in North America, which takes place April 24-27 in Long Beach, California. Kyocera and Corrigo each have their own booths at the event—Kyocera will be at booth #850 showcasing our rugged mobile device portfolio and demonstrating how facilities managers can improve their bottom lines. Corrigo will be at booth #665 showing off its Enterprise platform for facilities management and its Pro platform for service providers supporting the facilities industry.

If you are onsite at PRSM next week, please be sure to stop by the Kyocera (#850) and Corrigo (#665) booths to learn more about our collaborative technology initiatives to make facilities work smarter and more efficient. Kyocera will also be raffling off our rugged devices during the show to a handful of lucky attendees. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Dr. Muzibul Khan joined Kyocera Communications, Inc. in 2013. He is responsible for Corporate and Technology Planning functions, charting the evolution of the business plan and technology portfolio for KCI, which finished 2013 as the fourth-ranked cell-phone manufacturer in the U.S. market. Before joining Kyocera, Dr. Khan served in senior leadership roles in the global telecommunications industry, including Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Huawei Devices USA, head of Research & Development for Nokia CDMA terminals, Vice President of Product Management & Engineering for the wireless terminals division of Samsung Telecommunications America, and Technical Manager for Systems Engineering, Standards & Regulatory Compliance at Lucent Technologies.

Kyocera Demonstrates First Ruggedized Android Smartphone Solutions for AT&T Fleet Complete


Today, Kyocera is thrilled to announce a collaboration with AT&T and Fleet Complete to unveil the first ruggedized Android® solution to support AT&T Fleet Complete®. AT&T Fleet Complete is a family of GPS-based tracking and management solutions for the transportation industry that collect and send vital information between operations staff, mobile workers, and fleet vehicles. The solution is a perfect fit for the ruggedized consumer for whom we design at Kyocera.

Kyocera, Fleet Complete and AT&T are jointly conducting live demonstrations of the solution in the Fleet Complete booth (#1321) at the NAFA 2016 Expo in Austin, Texas, and will feature Kyocera’s DuraForce and DuraForce XD smartphones running AT&T Fleet Complete, including its integration with AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk.

AT&T Fleet Complete aims to reduce business costs, potentially increase profits, and enable regulatory compliance. Kyocera’s ruggedized smartphones further enhance these cost savings and increase the dependability of the solution. A recent study by analyst firm VDC Research showed that rugged devices in business settings fail less than one-third as often and decrease total cost of ownership by 46 percent when compared to non-rugged devices.

Kyocera’s DuraForce and DuraForce XD, both available from AT&T, are fully ruggedized, extremely affordable smartphones. Users can choose between the DuraForce’s “standard” 4.5-inch display or the DuraForce XD’s extra-large 5.7-inch display, which is ideal for viewing content like forms and maps. Both are certified to Military Standard 810G for dust, drop, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, blowing rain, low pressure/high altitude, solar radiation, salt fog and humidity. They also are certified IP68, meaning they are dustproof and can be fully submerged in water up to six feet deep for up to 30 minutes.

Drivers and field teams using Kyocera smartphones with AT&T Fleet Complete can be dispatched more efficiently, enhancing on-time performance and customer service. Mobile workers can use the devices’ data capabilities to manage tasks, access job details and complete clock-in and -out timesheets. And along with standard phone service, AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk enables near real-time communication between individuals or groups. AT&T Fleet Complete is now integrated with AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk. Businesses can communicate even faster and better manage information on the location and condition of their operations staff, mobile workers, and fleet vehicles.

If you’re at NAFA, stop on by the Fleet Complete booth and see AT&T Fleet Complete and Kyocera’s rugged lineup in action. For more information on Fleet Complete, please visit, and for more information about the AT&T Fleet Complete solution, visit the AT&T Business Center.

John is director of corporate communications at Kyocera. He has worked on the Kyocera team shaping its communications strategy over the past 15 years – 13 of those years in-house and two with a Kyocera agency partner. John has always had a passion for writing and began his career as a newspaper reporter at the Whittier Daily News, part of a multi-paper syndicate in Los Angeles.  When not working, he and his wife can usually be found coaching, shuttling, refereeing or cheering for his three sons and their numerous plays, concerts and sports teams.

Kyocera’s DuraForce XD Wins Prestigious 2016 Red Dot Award


This week, we are thrilled to announce that Kyocera’s DuraForce XD has been selected as a 2016 Red Dot Award winner for outstanding product design in the “Industry, Machinery and Robotics” category. We take great pride in creating tough, rugged mobile devices that don’t sacrifice usability or style, so it is always a great honor when we are recognized for our product design by industry associations, influencers and other third parties.

You might be wondering about the significance of the Red Dot Awards. Let me explain…The Red Dot is a revered international stamp of outstanding design quality. The origin of the award dates all the way back to 1955, and it is organized annually by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen— one of the oldest, most reputable and most active design institutions in the world. Each year they evaluate more than 17,000 professional product design entries globally in three categories: Product Design, Communication Design and Design Concept.

The judging process is very unique and quite extensive, which is why Kyocera is so thrilled the DuraForce XD is being honored as a Product Design winner. A panel of 40 experts appraise manufacturers and designers from all over the world—they dedicate three full days to diving deep into all of the nominated products and focus on criteria like innovation, formal quality, functionality and ecological compatibility. So, you can see why an endorsement like this is such an honor for Kyocera.

We’re obviously very proud of our rugged lineup, specifically the DuraForce XD. Not only is it affordable, but it also includes an extra-large display (5.7”) that bridges the gap between smartphones and tablets, and is capable of surviving the most challenging work environments. It incorporates certified Mil Spec 810G Protection against field-force mishaps like drops, shock and vibration, among others. And with Glove and Wet Touchscreen Operation, as well as Push-To-Talk functionality, it is one of the most versatile, durable and reliable phones available today. Thank you to the Red Dot Awards for this outstanding recognition of the Kyocera DuraForce XD.

For regular updates on Kyocera’s rugged lineup please follow us on Twitter (@kyoceramobile).

John is director of corporate communications at Kyocera. He has worked on the Kyocera team shaping its communications strategy over the past 15 years – 13 of those years in-house and two with a Kyocera agency partner. John has always had a passion for writing and began his career as a newspaper reporter at the Whittier Daily News, part of a multi-paper syndicate in Los Angeles.  When not working, he and his wife can usually be found coaching, shuttling, refereeing or cheering for his three sons and their numerous plays, concerts and sports teams.

What You Get When You Take Kyocera Devices, SAP applications and Android for Work


A Rugged Solution for all Enterprise Workers

In the age of instant information availability, companies and employees use multiple methods of communication with both corporate-liable and individual-liable devices. Management teams using tablets or computers, and field-force workers using corporate-liable dedicated rugged mobile devices, need to be able to communicate instantly using the same data, creating a need to support the same set of applications running on multiple platforms. This introduces an increasing level of complexity for IT departments, particularly with the rapidly growing universe of enterprise applications, security concerns and data management.

On Android devices, this need to support similar applications on multiple platforms creates a lot of work for enterprise application vendors and IT departments, as they need to check application compatibility on different devices due to variations in Android implementation by different OEMs. Enterprise applications running on different Android devices often have a different set of issues and, therefore, OEMs and application providers must work together ahead of time to at least establish a baseline level of compatibility testing.

Google finally attempted to solve that problem with Android for Work, with which an application can utilize the same set of pre-defined APIs on any Android for Work-enabled device. This significantly reduces the number of issues with enterprise applications running across different Android devices and platforms. Much to the relief of IT managers, the work environment also ensures that IT approves deployed enterprise applications, which means applications are thoroughly vetted before deployment, especially if they require additional capabilities such as remote access using secure VPN, additional encryption, Kiosk mode, etc. This is often done as part of carefully controlled trials, where the device OEM and application vendor work with a customer’s IT team and end-users to support the trials.

Recently, Kyocera and SAP started collaborating to test SAP mobile apps on rugged devices running Android for Work. The characteristics built into Android for Work are closely aligned to what Kyocera and SAP focus on when creating devices and enterprise mobility management solutions, respectively. Don Coop is a Product Manager from SAP who worked on test SAP apps on Kyocera devices. He commented that SAP customers would value the ease of use on Kyocera devices.

For workers who need devices that are rugged, reliable and secure, a Kyocera device running SAP apps on Android for Work enables a best-in-class experience for enterprise workers. From construction to fleet management to public safety, users can be assured that their devices are:

Secure: Kyocera devices have built-in security and encryption to keep sensitive data protected using FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic module for full device and SD card encryption, as well as advanced VPN capabilities providing security for data at rest (DAR) and data in motion (DIM). Coupled with SAP’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) security expertise, users can securely store and share files without worrying. In addition, Android for Work enables IT departments to remotely differentiate between personal and corporate data on a device, allowing the latter to be locked or wiped remotely without affecting personal data.

Productive: Tapping into SAP’s longstanding leadership in both business productivity apps and enterprise security, Android for Work on Kyocera devices allows workers to use their enterprise apps such as SuccessFactors, SAP Jam and SAP Fiori mobile apps anywhere, anytime and across devices. This means that employees can access critical business apps on the go to maintain high productivity levels. With app and file integrity as well as device and content management, mobile devices now have fewer limitations in terms of what they can do. 

Durable: Kyocera specializes in devices that are built to last. One particular device that SAP tested is the recently introduced DuraForce XD, part of Kyocera’s portfolio of military-grade waterproof and ruggedized devices, built to withstand the toughest work environments. While Kyocera makes sure its hardware can endure the tests of time and the elements, SAP brings its expertise in software to meet the demands of running large-scale, multinational businesses with dozens to thousands of employees.

Rich Mobile Experience: As Kyocera (and others) continue to introduce new form-factors and increasingly larger screen sizes, including large-screen “phablets,” the mobile experience becomes more immersive. Android for Work and SAP help make it even more so with a robust app marketplace, featuring specialized apps for enterprise customers.

With SAP as a leader in enterprise applications and Kyocera as a leader in rugged devices, both companies are excited to show how Android for Work can revolutionize technology for both the workplace and for life in general. Kyocera and SAP are at the forefront of testing the latest devices to ensure that all hardware, software and applications are optimized to bring workers an exceptional Android for Work experience. Now, businesses with a field force have an affordable option to equip their employees with productivity-driving devices that are designed to function in every work environment. The result? A single, long-lasting rugged solution for enterprise workers meets all their needs, both professionally and personally.

For more information on Kyocera devices, visit our Business Solutions page.