Blueforce Development Corporation Endorses Kyocera’s Devices For Workers in Hazardous Locations and Jobs


At Kyocera, we believe that not all rugged devices are created equal. Our DNA is rooted in creating mobile devices that offer a unique blend of toughness, performance and affordability, and we feel we have a leg up when it comes to providing field workers the best durable mobile solutions. A big part of our success in rugged is in part because we have a great ecosystem of developer partners creating apps that tailor our devices to particular markets, like Blueforce Development Corporation.

Blueforce develops software products that “facilitate the formation of arbitrary and spontaneous confederations of people, sensors, and systems using mobile devices.” Their sweet spot is delivering network-centric computing for those requiring the highest degree of security, mobility, and interoperability, making them a perfect match for Kyocera.

One way Kyocera differentiates our devices for potentially dangerous jobs is by certifying them to certain OSHA “HAZLOC” (or “Hazardous Location”) standards. Earlier this week Blueforce posted a blog entitled, “A Primer on the HAZLOC Certification: Not All Mobile Scenarios Require Intrinsically Safe Devices,” where they outlined the benefits and tradeoffs of different levels of HAZLOC certifications.

As Blueforce pointed out in this blog post, it is imperative to carry a properly certified phone if you work around hazardous materials. That’s where Kyocera excels. Blueforce endorsed our rugged devices, particularly our Brigadier, DuraForce and DuraForce XD for providing workers in high-risk settings “peace of mind that their smartphones are certified for protection in hazardous locations where concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or mists are not normally present in an explosive concentration (but may accidentally exist).” They also go on to endorse our Class I, Division 2-certified devices as offering, “the necessary and robust level of protection, full ruggedization and the affordability and convenience of an off-the-shelf solution from the nation’s leading wireless service providers.”

“Customers with highly mobile workforces require solutions that match the environments in which they work. Whether it is oil and gas, or visiting nurses and social workers, a common requirement emerges: all require a device that is safe, a device that is resilient, and a device is easy to use. Kyocera delivers all of this and more,” said Michael Helfrich, CEO of Blueforce Development Corporation.

Partners like Blueforce are important to Kyocera’s success in our mission to be the worldwide leader in creating rugged mobile solutions. For more information on HAZLOC certifications or Blueforce, check out their blog or call them at 866-960-0204.

John is director of corporate communications at Kyocera. He has worked on the Kyocera team shaping its communications strategy over the past 15 years – 13 of those years in-house and two with a Kyocera agency partner. John has always had a passion for writing and began his career as a newspaper reporter at the Whittier Daily News, part of a multi-paper syndicate in Los Angeles.  When not working, he and his wife can usually be found coaching, shuttling, refereeing or cheering for his three sons and their numerous plays, concerts and sports teams. 


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