4 Reasons Why DuraForce PRO Should Be At the Top of Holiday Wish Lists


The holidays are quickly approaching and, once again, smartphones are certain to be at the top of many wish lists. But with so many options available, what should holiday gift givers consider when evaluating the perfect new smartphone for loved ones, especially when buying for an adventurer, outdoorsman or on-the-go business user?

Below are a few tips to help select the ideal smartphone this holiday season, and why Kyocera’s DuraForce PRO could top any list:

  1. Search for a true “all-in-one” device: A smartphone should consolidate a user’s must-have functionality into a single device, so that it simplifies life. Kyocera’s DuraForce Pro specs rival those of many leading smartphones, but include additional built-in capabilities that eliminate the need for secondary mobile equipment, such as a GoPro-style action camera or a designated handheld for walkie-talkie communications.

The DuraForce PRO is equipped with tri-camera functionality, offering 5-megapixel front-facing and 13-megapixel rear-facing shooters, as well as a third “super wide view” 1080P HD action camera with slow-mo, sports, action and underwater modes. With a 135-degree wide-angle field of view, the DuraForcePRO delivers the same motion-capturing functionality as found in the most popular dedicated action cameras. And, with its programmable side button and off-the-shelf support for PTT services, the DuraForce PRO facilitates instant one-touch Push-to-Talk communications to individuals or groups.

  1. Consider lifestyle and/or work requirements: Too often, buyers don’t consider their lifestyles or work requirements when choosing a smartphone, but these are often contributing factors to a device’s future damage or failure. If buying for someone who is accident-prone or works a hazardous environments – a ski instructor, a construction worker, a police officer – consider that his or her smartphone needs to survive situations and environments that are more dangerous and unpredictable than those of the average user. When shopping for an adventurer or industrial user, a ruggedized smartphone is always the best investment, as it is built to withstand virtually anything thrown at it – from shock, drops and extreme temperatures, to 30-minutes of submersion in water.

The DuraForce PRO meets IP68 certification as dust- and waterproof, and is certified to Military Standard 810G against drop, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, solar radiation and more. While some devices claim to be “whatever-proof,” the DuraForce PRO truly delivers!

  1. Not all security features are equal: The smartphone is a gateway to sensitive information, whether personal or business, and users should be more security-conscious now than ever before. If utilizing the smartphone for enterprise mobility, commerce or online banking, biometric authentication is the new must-have feature.

The DuraForce Pro’s power button doubles as a fingerprint reader, lending peace of mind in user authentication, which is of particular importance for the most simplified and secure mobile payment-processing experience. With an integrated fingerprint security sensor, the DuraForce PRO provides biometric authentication that is FIDO® certified to support the most popular mPayment/mCommerce protocols. For users whose mobile devices also serve as their ewallets, this advanced level of security and biometric authentication is today’s gold standard.

  1. Pay less, get more: Today’s most popular smartphones – like the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy – typically cost $750 or more at retail. Meanwhile, DuraForce PRO is available from AT&T for only $418 (before discounts or promotions) and from Sprint for only $18 per month over 24 months with installment billing (total SRP of $432.00). On its face, this is a huge savings – but there’s more. With DuraForce PRO, there’s no need to spend additional money on a protective case, and chances are it will survive considerably longer than a non-rugged phone before it needs to be replaced. In fact, a rugged phone is less than 1/3 as likely to fail on the job as a non-rugged phone and costs less over the life of the device. Finally, add in the cost of a built-in action camera (that you no longer need to buy) and you’ve got a value that’s hard to beat. It’s like getting two gifts in one – at a discount!

Smartphone choices may seem limitless this holiday season, but only Kyocera’s DuraForce PRO is built with versatility, durability, affordability and security in mind. With DuraForce PRO, you get the performance you demand in a stylish package that’s tough as nails. Whether it’s for work at a “dirty job” or for the adventurous at heart, DuraForce PRO is the gift that keeps on giving.

Win a DuraForce PRO: Construction Business Owner and Kyocera Join Forces on Phone Giveaway


We’re super excited to announce a DuraForce PRO rugged-smartphone giveaway that we are running in partnership with Construction Business Owner magazine! The contest opened up over the weekend and will run through November 30, 2016, with winners being announced the first week of December 2016.

DuraForce PRO is the only rugged, waterproof smartphone with a built-in super wide view HD action camera. It can survive active lifestyles and tough workdays, and it can capture every adventure—even the underwater ones.

Kyocera partnered up with Construction Business Owner, because DuraForce PRO is ideal for those in the construction industry. Why’s that? Well, industry-analyst research shows that rugged devices in the workplace fail less than 1/3 as often and, as a result of less downtime and replacement costs, can save businesses 46% on mobile-communication expenses.

DuraForce PRO is built from the ground up to withstand harsh environments, offering secure, instant communications and meeting safety compliance. It also includes glove/wet touchscreen operation capabilities to keep workers productive no matter the environment. Kyocera partners with construction-specific application and accessory vendors like busybusy, ActSoft and Klein Electronics to enable the necessary applications that construction workers need, from Push-To-Talk, to time-management tracking systems to GPS apps.

Plus, the DuraForce PRO integrates a super wide view HD action camera into a 4G LTE smartphone, which means you can post/stream/share/send your content in real time right from the device. The super-wide view HD action camera enables construction workers to capture real-time footage and surveillance for jobs and job-sites, appraisal, landscape, etc. And, to top it off, Kyocera offers accessories that allow DuraForce PRO to work with most popular action-camera mounting systems.

Kyocera devices offer a unique combination of durability, performance and affordability. From Military Standard 810G certification to usable features like Glove & Wet Touchscreen Operation and Underwater Mode, our phones don’t just survive where other phones fail – they thrive.

So head over to Construction Business Owner before November 30 to enter the contest for a chance to win a new DuraForce PRO sometime in the next two months – good luck!

Say Hello to Kyocera’s Newest Rugged Smartphone with All-In-One Super Wide View HD Action Camera: DuraForce PRO


Kyocera prides itself on creating mobile devices that are rugged, durable and dependable. Today, I am thrilled to announce the introduction of our newest rugged smartphone—DuraForce PRO. Building on the legacy of our ruggedized smartphones like the DuraForce, Brigadier and Torque, DuraForce PRO raises the bar with stronger specs across the board. And, DuraForce PRO is the first rugged smartphone to augment its standard cameras with a super wide view action camera.

Like its predecessors in Kyocera’s rugged lineup, DuraForce PRO is certified to IP68 for dustproofing and waterproofing (now up to 2 meters deep for up to 30 minutes) and Military Standard 810G for ruggedization. Along with the new action camera, the PRO adds a stronger processor, a larger 5” display, more memory, a larger battery, a fingerprint sensor on the power button for security and much, much more.

Action cameras have become extremely popular for recreational and business use. Adding one to DuraForce PRO means there’s no need to carry a separate device. Because it’s built into a 4G LTE smartphone, you get a 5” high-definition viewfinder to watch what you’re shooting and, instead of having to dock with a PC, the videos and photos can be shared, streamed and posted wirelessly, virtually in real time. Adding to the functionality, DuraForce PRO is waterproof and has an Underwater Mode for the cameras that keeps the viewfinder on, but switches the controls to the phone’s buttons.

For the business world, where durability enhances productivity and saves money, Kyocera devices have become the stocked solution of choice at all four national U.S. carriers and two of the top three in Canada. DuraForce PRO builds on our strength in this category by supporting Android for Work, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi, and many other important features. We’re also very proud of our growing ecosystem of application and accessory developers big and small, whose collaboration allows businesses to turn our phone into customized solution for a variety of industries and vertical markets.

DuraForce PRO has a long list of features and specs that make it stand out in the rugged smartphone category. I won’t list them all here, but encourage you to check out our more detailed official announcement of the phone. Launching nationwide this fall, we’re confident that DuraForce PRO strikes an ideal balance between performance, affordability and durability. Whether you work in tough profession or you’re just an adventurous type who wants to capture memories while you live life to the fullest, the new DuraForce PRO is the right device for you.

For more information about the new Kyocera DuraForce PRO, visit www.kyoceramobile.com/duraforce-pro or follow us on Twitter at @kyoceramobile for more details on device availability in the coming weeks and months.

John is director of corporate communications at Kyocera. He has worked on the Kyocera team shaping its communications strategy over the past 15 years – 13 of those years in-house and two with a Kyocera agency partner. John has always had a passion for writing and began his career as a newspaper reporter at the Whittier Daily News, part of a multi-paper syndicate in Los Angeles.  When not working, he and his wife can usually be found coaching, shuttling, refereeing or cheering for his three sons and their numerous plays, concerts and sports teams. 

The Kyocera Hydro SHORE is About to Make a Big Splash


Summer is here. That means BBQs, the beach and water. Lots and lots of water. Water falling from the sky, water in the pool, water in the ocean and in the lakes. Seventy-one percent of the earth is covered by the stuff. You can’t escape it. And when summer rolls around, you don’t want to. Who doesn’t like going for a swim to beat the summer heat? Even your smartphone is prone to a nice dip now and again. But people don’t short-circuit as soon as they hit the water. Smartphones do – until now. The Kyocera Hydro SHORE smartphone has arrived. The Hydro SHORE, a 4G LTE AT&T GoPhone, is the latest in Kyocera’s portfolio of rugged, durable and waterproof devices. Sure, other smartphones claim they’re waterproof, but “waterproof” is a loose term. The Hydro SHORE is actually waterproof. It can take a swim in up to three feet of water for approximately 30 minutes. That’s long enough for your skin to wrinkle in the pool.

A Clear and Present Danger

Make no mistake – your smartphone is in constant danger. Its two main enemies are water and you. People are naturally clumsy, and when you are constantly carrying an intricate, delicate device, accidents will happen. According to a study by SquareTrade, Americans spent $5.9 billion on damaged smartphones in 2012. The top five causes of damage were: Dropped phone, phone fell into water, phone dropped from a lap, phone was knocked off a table and phone was drenched by liquid. There’s an obvious pattern here: clumsiness + water = trouble. Americans are normally pretty good at preparing for danger. We post signs warning about falling rocks. We station lifeguards at pools and the beach. We require a license to drive a car and a hardhat at construction sites. But we’ve failed to protect the delicate computers and lifelines we carry in our pockets every day. The Kyocera Hydro SHORE, part of Kyocera’s Hydro Series, is helping to change that.

Waterproof Technology Years in the Making 

In the early days of the smartphone revolution, Kyocera went to work on what would be a years-long process of developing rugged, waterproof devices that withstand the rigors of everyday life. The Hydro SHORE is the result of this hard work, expertise and years of testing. It takes waterproofing to another level to create a product that offers true peace of mind. And it’s not just protection from water. Our engineers have built a truly dustproof, waterproof (and people-proof!) smartphone. And it’s not just about surviving water – it’s about staying in touch and productive even when wet. You can even operate the Hydro SHORE’s screen when it’s wet. Protection is great, but performance and connectivity are always job one, and the Hydro SHORE has them in spades.

Bells, Whistles and Then Some

The Kyocera Hydro SHORE is packed with features and performance that bely its incredibly affordable price. It has everything you need to lead a brilliant digital life, including:

  • Waterproof design certified for IP57, protection against dust and water immersion for up to 30 minutes in up to 3.28 feet (1 meter) of water.
  • Large 5.0” IPS, qHD touchscreen display for better viewing.
  • Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM1GHz Quad-core processor to provide fast and responsive navigation and access to apps.
  • Wet Touchscreen Operation.
  • Long-Lasting 2160mAh Non-Removable Battery with added energy-saving features like Eco Mode with MaxiMZR, which extend performance automatically by powering down noncritical functions.
  • 5MP camera with video, digital zoom, LED flash and auto-focus, and a 2MP front-facing camera for self-portraits and video calling.
  • HD video capture and streaming, 1080p at 30fps.
  • Android 5.1 (Lollipop) with Google’s suite of applications, including Google Play StoreTM for access to thousands of free apps.
  • Virtual QWERTY keypad, a faster and easier way to type.
  • Built-in music player.
  • Stereo Bluetooth® (4.1 + LE/EDR) wireless technology and Bluetooth Smart Ready support.
  • 5 mm stereo headset jack

…and much, much more. The Hydro SHORE can go toe-to-toe with the most popular (and expensive) competitors on the market, and keeps you connected in the elements that make other phones fail.

It Won’t Break in Water – And it Won’t Break the Bank

Offered as an AT&T GoPhone, the Hydro SHORE is the perfect option for the budget-conscious consumer who demands the latest technology, but doesn’t want to empty his or her bank account to get it. Priced at $79.99 and available exclusively at Walmart, the Hydro SHORE is a no-brainer. Whether you’re young and restless, a family on the go or a seeker of adventure in the outdoors, the Hydro SHORE is your perfect companion for the active digital life.

For more information about the Kyocera Hydro SHORE, visit www.kyoceramobile.com/hydro-shore or see it at a Walmart retail store or at www.walmart.com.

John is director of corporate communications at Kyocera. He has worked on the Kyocera team shaping its communications strategy over the past 15 years – 13 of those years in-house and two with a Kyocera agency partner. John has always had a passion for writing and began his career as a newspaper reporter at the Whittier Daily News, part of a multi-paper syndicate in Los Angeles.  When not working, he and his wife can usually be found coaching, shuttling, refereeing or cheering for his three sons and their numerous plays, concerts and sports teams. 

Kyocera Hydro VIEW – The Affordable, Waterproof Smartphone

Hydro VIEW

Smartphone manufacturers are constantly innovating to meet users’ demands and redefine buyers’ latest purchasing criteria. But as smartphones become sleeker in design, more durable and full-featured, their price tags almost always reflect these advances. At Kyocera, we develop mobile devices with the adventurous user in mind but also with the understanding that all smartphone users deserve a core set of features and functionality comparable to the industry’s newest anything-proof devices, and at a price point that makes them accessible to the masses and affordable for businesses. Enter the Kyocera Hydro VIEW.

The Hydro VIEW is one of today’s most cost-effective, waterproof smartphones, and it is now available for $29.99 (for a limited time, with activation) from Cricket Wireless, with activation. Featuring an inherent durable design and rubberized back panel texture, the Hydro VIEW was built to fit securely in the hands of on-the-go users. And with certification for IP57, it offers the most stringent protection against dust and water immersion for up to 30 minutes in up to 3.28 feet (1 meter) of water, providing peace of mind in the event that the device meets an unexpected sink, splash or (God forbid) toilet. The Hydro VIEW also features a 2160 mAh battery with Eco Mode technology, helping extend the already-strong battery performance even further by allowing users to automatically control non-critical phone functions.

Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor, the Hydro VIEW clocks speeds at 1.1 GHz. This snappy CPU, coupled with the Android Lollipop 5.1 operating system, powers a highly responsive user experience with quick navigation and access to apps, and low-latency support for multimedia. The Hydro VIEW also offers a large, vibrant 5-inch qHD (540 x 960 pixel) display with Wet Touch Operation, making it the ideal device for outdoorsmen, athletes, and adventurists who brave rough and wet terrain, as well as workers who operate in inclement weather and on dirty jobsites. The Hydro VIEW is also the perfect device for busy moms whose smartphones must withstand the bumps, drops, and sticky fingers of their children – whose carefree ways can be the greatest danger to smartphone longevity for multi-tasking parents.

While competitively priced, the Hydro VIEW is as feature-rich and with specs comparable to some of its notable, more expensive peers. The Hydro VIEW comes with a 5 MP camera with flash and HD video, and a 2 MP front-facing camera that is ideal for “selfies” and video calls. It also features 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory as well a microSD™ memory card slot that supports up to 64 GB of additional storage. The Hydro VIEW also supports Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot, with the ability to share its data connection with up to 10 compatible wireless devices.

As the expectations for smartphone durability continue to grow across consumers and business users, Kyocera is committed to responding with mobile solutions that are not only compelling, but also affordable. The Hydro VIEW is just the latest example of how Kyocera is meeting market demand with a full-featured, cost-effective smartphone. And the similarly affordable no-annual-contract service plans from Cricket Wireless extend the value of one of the most durable prepaid smartphones available. For more information on Kyocera’s Rugged Lineup follow us on Twitter @kyoceramobile.

John is director of corporate communications at Kyocera. He has worked on the Kyocera team shaping its communications strategy over the past 15 years – 13 of those years in-house and two with a Kyocera agency partner. John has always had a passion for writing and began his career as a newspaper reporter at the Whittier Daily News, part of a multi-paper syndicate in Los Angeles.  When not working, he and his wife can usually be found coaching, shuttling, refereeing or cheering for his three sons and their numerous plays, concerts and sports teams.