Live from Mobile World Congress: Kyocera and its Partners Demo the Future of PTT, Mobile Enterprise Management and More


Hola from España. Kyocera is in Barcelona this week for five days and nights of eating paella, drinking sangria, and, of course, defining the future of the wireless industry at the 2016 Mobile World Congress. We’re excited to be here with the movers and shakers of the mobile industry, including many of the partners with whom we collaborate closely to enable the future of ruggedized mobile devices.

Kyocera will be showing off our latest mobile phones and devices, including the recently announced DuraXE and DuraForce XD, and featuring our devices in the booths of some of our partners, including Qualcomm, SOTI and Mobile Tornado. If you’re on the ground in Barcelona, be sure to stop by their booths and see how we are working together to bring dependable, rugged devices to enterprise customers worldwide, and enabling new levels of connectivity, security and enterprise management.

Qualcomm (MWC 2016: Hall 3, Booth 3E310): Kyocera and Qualcomm share a long, rich history, as Kyocera’s North American mobile-phone business was formed through the acquisition of Qualcomm’s handset business in 2000. The relationship and partnership remain strong to this day. The companies’ offices are separated by a few miles and Kyocera continues to use Qualcomm’s top-notch Snapdragon processors in our devices.

SOTI (MWC 2016: Hall 5, Booth 5B40): Kyocera and SOTI have partnered to bring Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) software to rugged devices worldwide. Kyocera recently launched North America’s first LTE-capable feature phone, the DuraXE, which runs on an open-source operating system and uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 1.1 GHz quad-core CPU, typically used in smartphones. This is allows the device to support SOTI’s flagship product, MobiControl, so that enterprises can enable, optimize and secure their mobile workforces across all platforms, for both corporate-liable and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) polices.

Mobile Tornado (MWC 2016: Hall 5, Stand 5E81): Mobile Tornado provides leading professional Push To Talk over Cellular (PoC) and Wi-Fi solutions, and Kyocera partners with Mobile Tornado to deliver the highest-quality PTT solutions, particularly for wireless operator TELUS in Canada. Both companies ensure that Kyocera rugged devices are tested and certified for compatibility with the Mobile Tornado PTT client. This means better business connectivity and continuity in order to solve issues like latency, responsiveness and screen operability in extreme conditions.

MWC 2016 is sure to be full of innovative solutions for the wireless and mobile industry, and at Kyocera, we look forward to seeing how enterprise functionality and ruggedized design will continue to evolve. We look forward to seeing you on the show floor.

Lane Paxton is the senior director of marketing at Kyocera Communications. An industry veteran of 18 years with experience in marketing, product management and product development, Lane has been with Kyocera since July of 2008. Prior to Kyocera, he was responsible for product marketing and product planning for the U.S. and international business units at Gateway. Additionally, Lane was a co-founder of a successful software company and was a key driver in taking a wireless startup through IPO. When not working or shuttling his two kids to their activities, Lane likes to ride waves and mountains sideways…right foot forward.


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