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Construction jobsites can mean demolition for most mobile phones. Kyocera's line of ruggedized phones is tough as nails, with Military Standard 810G and IP protection against water, dust, drops, shock and more. Tough and smart, they support popular software like project-management and estimating applications. And with impact-resistant touchscreens that work with gloves on and 100+dB front-facing speakers, neither heavy machinery nor the elements will slow you down.

Public Safety

In the dynamic world of public safety, mobile technology and communications are vital to quick, coordinated responses. With features ranging from group Push-to-Talk to security and VPN support for remote management of sensitive information, Kyocera's durable devices are the right tools to stay connected and informed in virtually any environment.


In healthcare, its no understatement to say that a mobile phone can be a lifeline. Breakage and downtime aren't viable options. Whether its case management or protection of sensitive patient data, Kyocera's rugged devices support today's leading healthcare technology solutions. And not even hard tile floors or germs are a worry when you're carrying a durable phone that can take a spill or simply get washed off.


Dealing with everything from ongoing maintenance to weather-related crises, utility workers have to stay connected with their teams in any and every environment. Kyocera's rugged devices provide Military Standard 810G toughness and IP rated waterproofing, while allowing one-to-one or one-to-many Push-to-Talk communication and supporting leading solutions for centralized and mobile data sharing and management.

Transportation & Logistics

Nowhere is dependable mobile communication more essential than in the world of transportation and logistics. From fleet management and delivery services to supply-chain management and field maintenance, these workers need phones that are as tough on the outside as they are smart on the inside. Kyocera provides Military Standard 810G ruggedization while supporting leading security and data-management apps, letting your team work harder and smarter.

Oil & Gas

For oil and gas workers, safety is job one and productivity isn't far behind. Kyocera offers Military Standard 810G rugged devices that are OSHA certified Non-Incendive, Class I, Division 2, Group A-D, T4 for use in many hazardous work environments. They're waterproof, dustproof, dropproof and have touchscreens that can even be used with gloves on. With support for leading security and data-management apps and group Push-to-Talk, Kyocera enables communications that keep you safe and productive.


Efficient manufacturing is a well-choreographed dance on a fast-paced factory floor. Kyocera devices offer individual and group Push-to-Talk to keep workers in step and support the data-management and security apps to protect proprietary information. And Military Standard 810G certified toughness make them a work tool that can take a beating without missing a beat.


It takes a team to keep the guests happy, and that means technology that keeps your team in touch and informed 24/7. With Military Standard 810G durability, access to leading business-productivity and security apps, and support for individual and group Push-to-Talk, Kyocera's devices provide the dependable communication required to effectively manage your event or property.


Retail is about customer service and managing inventory, and that means staying in touch and informed. Kyocera's rugged mobile devices are built to survive and thrive in the fastest-paced environments, keeping workers connected and productive. Large batteries can get through a shift plus some overtime and group push-to-talk support means staying connected with other workers and other locations. And with Military Standard 810G toughness, they're phones that can work as hard as you do.